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Licensing Law Licensing Law

Licensing Law

By means of a license, the owner of an intellectual property right grants a defined right of use to a licensee.

Or patent attorneys will assist you with the negotiation and drafting of license agreements.

Licenses play an important part for intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. Licenses or license agreements regulate in which way a licensee is allowed to use intellectual property rights. Know-how can also be the object of a license.

Intellectual property:

The licensing of intellectual property rights can be an effective means for a sensible economic exploitation on part of the licensor. For the licensee, the licensing of intellectual property rights can have a decisive importance for strengthening its own market position.

Concluding a license agreement:

A license is usually granted by means of an agreement. However, the license as such is not regulated in detail by law, but rather a multitude of special laws as well as general contract law is applicable. In order to be protected from disagreeable surprises both on part of the licensor and on part of the licensee, a multitude of legal provisions and aspects is to be observed when concluding a license agreement.